About Us

Esigenze is an Indonesia footwear brand that based in Bandung. 22 July 2010, the owner started an online shop. He sold some shoes product from other brand. The case is there were many people that wanted ready stock,exclusive and also good quality footwear. But low product availability supply then low quality control from suppliers, inspired the owner to make his own footwear brand.

End 2010 ,with his experiences, high invention metalism, high passion on the footwear industry and online shopping, he turned Esigenze shop to Esigenze footwear which has fresh concept and fresh shoe design.

We proudly present our footwear products for those who needs comfort, durability, exclusivity, and eternal style for their lovely feet and personality. Made from skilled Indonesian craftmen hands, we mixes the skill ,selected premium materials, fresh design, and soft finishing to make a pair of good quality footwear. We are all love music. We are pretty interested about gigs / music concert. So, some design and concept are inspired by the independent music scene, art & culture combined with the urban classic lifestyle then have been tested on the field. Every pair of Esigenze Footwear is not only created for appearence grounds, so we want you to feel every value you’ll get with purchasing Esigenze Footwear. Enjoy our products!

Answer the public question that Indonesian online footwear brand can compete fully with conventional market and dominate the market. Dream it, do it, believe it, then it happens

Esigenze Footwear

Indonesian Handmade Footwear


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